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Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment

Tips for Moving into Your First Apartment
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What to Ask Moving and Storage Companies

If you’re a first-time renter or moving into your first apartment, you’re probably excited about the opportunity to have your own space and design your independent lifestyle. A first apartment can be a wonderful moment to prioritize your needs and how you want to live, and it can also be a steep learning curve for many first-timers.

At University Moving and Storage, we want all of our clients to be prepared for the tasks and responsibilities of renting or leasing their new home! Moving and storage companies frequently help families and individuals with apartment moving needs, and we’ve seen all kinds of situations come up between landlords and tenants. Here’s our best tips for how to get your first rental agreement going right:

Document Everything

This means both having a good way to track all of the documents and agreements that pertain to your lease and new home, and also having all of the photographic documentation you could possibly need during and after your lease. When repairs are needed or when it’s time to move out, it can save you plenty of hassle, money, and time to have photos of the rental unit and its condition when you moved in. Before you let your moving and storage companies bring items in your new space, be sure to take photos of each room, including appliances, flooring, walls, windows, and doors.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Since this might be your first time planning a big move, know that the whole process will take lots of your time to plan and execute. Moving and storage companies can save you lots of time and stress during your actual move, but completing each step of your lease signing, move, unpacking, and adjustment will take up lots of time and energy.

Create a Move-In Strategy

Work with your moving and storage companies to decide on a timeline for your move that makes sense with your landlord and the day you receive your keys to the unit. Before your moving and storage companies enter your unit, you should do a walk-through with your landlord, and make a checklist of any visible damages or repairs needed. When you pack, be sure to accurately label each box so that your movers can place it in the correct room for you. And dedicate your first few days in your new home to unpacking and organizing, so that you can feel prepared and ready to go back to work, school, and other daily responsibilities.

At University Moving, we work with lots of individuals and families who are moving into apartments. Our dedicated teams can help you figure out which services are right for your needs, and how to accommodate your timeline and budget. Contact us today to get started with your free quote.

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