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As concerns about the welfare of our environment continue to rise, University Moving and Storage has taken a proactive approach to promoting eco-friendly practices throughout our organization. We will continue to implement green initiatives into our practices and are proud to say that we are making a difference by focusing on the environmental impact of our business. Our current initiatives include:

Paperless Systems 

Paperless systems provide a green alternative to traditional methods and increase efficiency while reducing the use of paper. We offer completely paperless invoicing and reporting for our clients. Paperless invoicing is a practice that works well with many clients and speeds up receivables at the same time. This not only processes the payment faster but will save paper for invoices, envelopes, postage, data storage and the labor to stuff the envelopes. It even reduces the amount of paper used for internal communications.

Sustainable Packing Materials 

University carefully selects manufacturers and suppliers who can provide eco-conscious materials such as packing paper and floor/doorway protection made from recycled elements. We place great emphasis on obtaining suppliers who provide green products, from recycled moving materials to reusable packing containers and crates.
Energy Efficient Trucks and Vehicles
When possible we use biodiesel or a biodiesel blend in the trucks. It lowers carbon emissions and comes from renewable sources (different types of processed vegetable oil).
GPS Devices
Every year more of our Van Operators use electronic devices and save a great deal of paper by not printing maps for every job, every day. With the reduction in paper, you can purchase recycled paper (which may be a little more expensive) and further the “green” initiative without costing the company more.
Rubber Bands vs. Tape
On the trucks and in the warehouses instead of using tape to secure pads on furniture, use rubber bands. Road drivers and owner operators often do this to save money, but since tape is a disposable and not reusable product, using rubber bands can reduce the amount of garbage.
Plastic Office Totes/Moving Crates
University offers the use of plastic office/household moving crates instead of all corrugated boxes. This is an environmentally friendly supplement to your typical corrugated box stock.
Used Carton Recycling
University encourages debris pickups and places all useable cartons in the warehouse for future use by self pack customers. When boxes become unusable University maintains a separate recyclable dumpster for corrugated, tape, shrink wrap and paper.
Waste Disposal
As stated, University maintains a regular dumpster for regular garbage and a recyclable dumpster for paper, corrugated, and plastic stretch film, etc. It’s an economical alternative to one large dumpster and dramatically reduces “land fill” type garbage.
Think Tank
University encourages employees to come up with “go green ideas” as a part of their quality initiative implemented by the company. This approach can be not only “green” but a good team builder.