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When Should I Start Looking for Moving Companies?

The sooner the better! Our team at University Moving and Storage recommends about 6 weeks before your upcoming move. However, in moving companies are at their busiest between May and September, so if your move occurs in those summer months you may want to plan further ahead.


What is a Local Move vs Long Distance?

There are three main move types; local, intrastate and interstate/long distance. A local move means you are moving within a 30-50-miles of your current address. If you are moving between a 50-100-mile radius, this would be an intrastate move. If you are moving from one state to another, or further this would be an interstate move.


What Is Long Distance Moving?

A long-distance move, also referred to as an interstate move, denotes that you are moving over 100 miles from you’re your current address to your new location. Long-distance moves can also mean that you are moving from one state to another.


What Is A Corporate Relocation?

A Corporate Relocation, also known as an employee relocation or an employer sponsored move, essentially means that due to your career, you are responsible for your own relocation. Each corporate relocation is different and there can be a wide range of employer involvement.


Payment Types for Corporate Relocations?

A Lump Sum relocation is a set amount of money that is provided as a moving allowance from an employer. This allowance is meant to be spent on moving related fees such as hiring a moving company, relocating a vehicle, a pre move visit to check out schools or homes, rental assistance for breaking a lease etc.


Average Lump Sum Allowance?

As of 2018 Lump Sum relocation packages are the top method for companies to assist with employee relocation expenses. According to the 2018 SIRVA annual mobility study this allowance which is provided by your employer is generally $8,000.


How Much Are Moving Companies?

Professional moving companies do not offer standard pricing. An in-home estimate or a video survey must be completed to provide accurate pricing. Price is dependent on the amount of weight they will be moving, how far you are moving and the services you are looking for. On average local moves can cost anywhere from $550- $2,500, long distance moves can cost from 2,500- 8,000.


How Much Does a Full-Service Move Cost?

For a full-service move cost varies depending on how far you are moving, the total weight of what you are moving and if you have added additional services. However, as an estimate a full service move generally falls somewhere between $550 - $12,000.


Do Packers and Movers Move Everything?

No, there are a variety of prohibited items, which movers will not move including flammable items, hazardous items, plants and pets. The list is dependent on your mover and their services. In addition to these items, if you have specialized equipment, antiques or high value items please confirm that your mover supports those services.