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Storage Services


Moving and Storage Services

You just made the big move and are welcomed to your new home by a hefty amount of unpacking, reorganizing and making sure all of your possessions fit. We understand that sometimes, or most, we find ourselves with far too many things than we thought we had. Providing large, local warehouses to our clients, and monthly storage services, to store all the extra moving items is an invaluable asset.

Storage services are a large part of the moving industry. There are many reasons for people to seek storage options. Occupancy constraints on a current or future residence, long-term work assignments to a different state or country; all of these things can cause a person to require storage.

The majority of moving and storage companies utilize what is reffered to as "palletized or vaulted" storage. Items are pad wrapped and placed in large wooden vaults. Palletizing shipments serve three main purposes: 


             1) Protects your possessions.

             2) Keeps your items segregated from other shipments

             3) Allows the moving and storage company to maximize their space by stacking the vaults vertically.



Pre-Packaged Or Storage Packing Yourself

Storage, like other moves, requires thorough packaging. Whether your mover packs you or you choose to do it yourself, all loose items must be boxed. Remember to label each carton with its location and brief description of the contents.

The charges for storage are typically based on weight. The moving van is weighed prior to loading and after. This weight factor determines the cost for the various activities. The following are the principles for pricing:

  • Cartage In: The vacating of the origin location.
  • Warehouse Handling: The process of off-loading and palletizing the shipment.
  • Monthly Storage: The cost for each 30 days of retention.
  • Valuation: The amount of $ coverage to protect against loss or damage.
  • Cartage Out: The delivery of the shipment to the new location.