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Organizing a house after your move | University Moving

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Simple Tips For Organizing The House After Your Move

You've survived moving day! The movers have carefully unloaded the last box and assembled the final piece of furniture. As they drive away, you find yourself surrounded by your belongings, in your new home ... now what?

Moving is a process, and you've reached the final round — congratulations! However, after a long day, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Where to start? Which boxes to open first? What should go where?

Fortunately, you don't have to do it all at once. These simple tips will help you organize your new home, and stay sane, after a move.

Organize items by the rooms they belong in

Start by placing all furniture, boxes and other items in their respective rooms. Don't worry about unpacking boxes yet; the goal is to simply place items in the room where they will (likely) stay. Organizing at a high level first will aid in a more specific unpacking process later.

Focus on Function. Which Rooms Are The Most Important?

Once you've placed your items into their allocated rooms, the focus turns to function. Bedroom, bathroom and kitchen take priority. Start with large furniture and accessories you'll need first, such as beds and linens. (Pro tip: If you've got kids, get their rooms set up first, so they have a place to feel comfortable.)

Set up the kitchen essentials next. Once you've got a place to sleep and eat, set up the bathrooms.

Last on the unpacking list? Non-essential decorative items. You've got plenty of time to make your house look pretty. Right now, focus on creating a functional space.

Unpack Larger Items First

When it comes to unpacking, start big and end small. Now that you've placed your items in the correct rooms, turn your attention to moving large items, such as furniture and appliances, into their respective places within the room before moving to smaller items.

For instance, it makes sense to put dressers or armoires in place before unpacking boxes full of clothing; to put couches and end tables in place before unpacking lamps and throw pillows; and to get the dining room set and sideboard in place before unpacking those boxes of china.

Organization Hacks

As you're working your way through your belongings, focus on tasks that'll make your life easier in the long run. First, designate a shelf or closet to hold all your linens, including sheets, blankets, pillows and towels. You'll need these items right away, and you don't want them to get lost in the unpacking shuffle. Keeping them all in one place, even if just temporarily, offers a simple solution.

You'll also want to keep your electronics and cords in order. Designating a drawer or basket to hold loose cords and devices will make it easier to set up the television, stereo and charging station.

Finally, what if you run out of space for all of your possessions? Consider renting a storage unit until you have the time to go through your belongings and figure out exactly how much space you have in your new home.

Keep Up the Momentum

After the rush of moving day, you may be tempted to put off the organizing process. While you certainly deserve a break, take time to relax but don't wait too long. It's all too easy to simply let boxes sit until they become an unplanned part of the decor. Setting a deadline will motivate you to continue unpacking and organizing, whether you take a few weeks for an apartment or a few months for a larger home.

Even if you just do a bit every day, keep up the unpacking momentum! You'll thank yourself when you're enjoying your organized new home.

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