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Business Movers' Tips On How To Plan & Complete An Office Move

Posted: 1/19/2022
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Business Movers' Tips on How to Plan & Complete an Office Move

Advice from Business Movers' in Farmington Hills, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Whitestown, IN, & West Chester, OH on How to Plan & Complete an Office Move

Completing a move can be a big challenge for an office of any size. This requires lots of planning, working together, and making sure everyone who needs to be notified is notified. If your office is planning to move in the near future, here is a complete list of tips to help this process.


Business Mover’s Tips for Office Moves

  1. Set the move-out and move-in date.
  2. Notify your property manager that you are moving.
  3. Inform the employees of the move as soon as possible.
  4. Create a team to oversee and organize the move.
  5. Draft a budget and timeline for the move.
  6. Schedule several estimates with different business movers.
  7. Pick the best business movers for you.
  8. Make an inventory.
  9. Create the new office’s floor plan.
  10. Set up IT services from within your company or with the movers.
  11. Get rid of or donate any unwanted items.
  12. Plan upgrades or new purchases for the next office.
  13. Update the business address with USPS, on all publications, and online.
  14. Notify all customers, vendors, contacts, utilities, and more of the move.
  15. Digitize and back-up all files.
  16. Purchase packing supplies.
  17. Pack ahead of time and use labels and number boxes to stay organized.
  18. Hire a professional cleaning company to clean the office once the move is complete.
  19. Call your business movers to confirm that the moving day is all set.
  20. Give new keys and plan the day to return to work in the new office.
  21. Complete the move and complete the final walkthroughs.

While this list seems long, it is manageable if you start planning ahead and break it up into steps. These tips will help you execute and maintain an organized business move. If you need help, your professional business movers are here for you every step of the way.


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