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Involving Employees in Your Business Relocation

Posted: 5/28/2021
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Involving Employees in Your Business Relocation

Benefits of Involving Employees in Your Business Relocation in Farmington Hills, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Whitestown, IN, & West Chester, OH

Moving your business affects many people. Your employees’ daily lives are interrupted by the move so it is not only important to keep them updated but to see how they can help with the transition of a business relocation. Put these great minds to work and see how a business relocation can be streamlined with everyone working together.



Make sure employees are notified of the move, the moving date, when packing is done or expected to be finished, and more right away. Hold meetings to check in and make sure everyone is handling the stress alright. Throughout the process, ask how your employees think the process can be improved upon for the next move.



Moving means you have a new workplace to take advantage of. See what your employees want in the new space. Do they need more printers? Are the workspaces big enough? Do you need more offices? All these points can help create an even better office for your workers to enjoy.



Keep track of the move with a list of dates. For example, plan when the packing should begin or end for the business relocation. Pick a few employees to oversee the move and to be liaisons to the moving company, movers, and the I.T. workers.


Work Loads

A business relocation can disrupt multiple weeks of work, or more, as the move is completed. If your employees are helping, you need to make sure they are not overworked or burnt out from doing all the inventory, packing, and planning, on top of their regular duties. Consider hiring temporary help to lighten the load of routine tasks. Consider renting a temporary office where your employees can work away from the chaos of an extended move.

With everything said and done, your move will go smoothly with this advice. Once the move is complete, throw a welcome to the new office party, or gather feedback on how to improve the moving and storage process.


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