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Commercial Moving Companies' Tips For Unpacking After A Move

Commercial Moving Companies' Tips For Unpacking After A Move
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Commercial Moving Companies’ Tips for Unpacking After a Move

Reliable Advice from Commercial Moving Companies’ for Unpacking After a Move

If your company is in the middle of a move, or is planning ahead, University Moving and Storage’s movers want to share advice on how to unpack efficiently. Unpacking can seem like a daunting task but there are ways to make the process easier with the help of your movers, employees, and everyone involved in the move.

  • Organization - When you first began planning for your move, your company should have taken an inventory of all your items, stock, and furniture before moving. In the same vein, your professional movers from commercial moving companies will have categorized your boxes in some way whether the lids are color-coded or labeled to help find their place as you move into the new location. When the move is completed, take inventory to make sure everything arrived safely.
  • Unpacking - Do not unpack everything at once. This can lead to problems or slow the process down. Plan where is most important to unpack first. Giving everything a priority will help to make the process more efficient.
  • Clean Up - After unpacking, you will need to dispose of all the packing materials and boxes. When you began planning your move, you formed a committee to help organize the move, to be the liaison between you and the commercial moving companies. This committee can clean up the packing material, interview your employees to see how the move went, and gather feedback towards improvement.
  • Celebrate - After all the work you and your employees put into the move, it’s time to celebrate the accomplishment and everything everyone did. Plan a gathering as a welcome to the new building for all your employees to join. This is a good time to update your employees on any important dates and news about the new building such as when to report to work and more.

With these tips, our movers want to help you know how to approach unpacking with the help of commercial moving companies. Remember to take your time and approach unpacking with a plan—this will save you lots of hassle and time!

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