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5 Things To Do One Week Before Your Move In Michigan

5 Things To Do One Week Before Your Move In Michigan
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Professional Movers’ Advice on 5 Things to do One Week Before Your Move in Michigan & Surrounding Midwest Areas

An upcoming move can be nerve-wracking. That’s why University Moving and Storage’s movers have come up with this list to help you figure out what to do one week before your move. Read on to make sure you are on top of things and are not forgetting anything.

  1. Contact Your Movers – Reach out to the movers one week before the move. This is to make sure all dates and schedules are correct for both parties. Why leave anything up to fate? Make sure the date is secure and that no miscommunications have occurred. This is a great time to ask any late minute questions as well.
  2. Pack a Box of Essentials - It is important to set aside a box in your house that you will call your “essentials box.” These are items that should not be packed away and need to stay with you, in your car, during the move in Michigan. these can be toiletries, changes of clothes, a book for the ride, any medication, snacks, pet food, phone chargers, and more.
  3. Organize Items You Are Using Until Moving Day - Make a pile that is to be packed last because you use these items up until the move-out day. This can be an essential set of dishware, supplies and paperwork from work, bill information, the all-important coffee-pot, and more.
  4. Prep For Moving Large or Complicated Items - Get ahead by preparing those big and sometimes complicated items for the move in Michigan. Disassemble furniture such as bookcases with removable shelves, table legs, and more. Or your moving company can do this for you if they are hired to do so. Empty gas out of your lawnmowers, gas-powered tools, and equipment. Cover the blades of gardening tools to prevent damage as well. Also, don’t forget to defrost and clean out your refrigerators too!
  5. Pay Bills & Transfer Accounts - Make sure all things such as your final bills are paid, all accounts from banking, the post office, and safety deposit boxes that need to be changed, transferred, or closed are done so.

With these tips, you will be ready for your move in Michigan. Take your week before to get this checklist done and relax a little before the big day.


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