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Moving and Storage Companies Tips on Organizing Your Garage for Move-In Day

Moving and Storage Companies Tips on Organizing Your Garage for Move-In Day
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Moving and Storage Companies Tips on Organizing Your Garage for Move-In Day

Leading Moving and Storage Companies Offer Their Advice for Organizing Your Garage on Move-In Day

Staying organized is a very crucial step when preparing for and completing your move—especially in those high traffic areas such as your garage where it might be easy to throw or forget about a lot of items during the move. But, as your professional movers are moving in and out of your home, this is an important part to plan out for you move-in day to save you some hassle.

    Organize the Garage - Before your move-in day, or as you are searching for moving and storage companies, it is a good idea to go through your belongings. To begin, set aside some space where you can place items you choose to donate, keep, or throw away. Make sure these piles are out of the way and do not present a tripping hazard. Next, sort the items in your garage into labeled boxes so you will know where to find things while unpacking. For example, keep all the gardening supplies in one box and in another, pack your ratchets and wrench set.

    Plan the Setup of Your New Home - When planning out how to set up your new home, it’s exciting about where the TV will go in the living room or which child will get what bedroom. This goes for your garage as well! Whether you keep your car in the garage or use it as a workspace, it is a busy part of the home as you enter via the driveway often. Make sure you have a plan set where the tool bench, refrigerator, and other big items are going to go, especially if you need the movers’ help to move and place them. Plan the floorspace out ahead of time to save you and your movers some hassle and to avoid the clutter an unplanned garage can create. If you need help, professional moving and storage companies often provide floor planning services.

If you are looking for moving and storage companies or your move is right around the corner, take advantage of these tips from our movers. An organized garage is one more step to making your home more complete after an efficient and quality move.

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