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Office Movers' Tips On Reopening Your Office Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Office Movers' Tips On Reopening Your Office Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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Office Movers' Tips on Reopening Your Office Amid Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Work with Leading Office Movers to Open Your Office During This Trying Time

It’s been a while since many people have worked from work. If your office is planning to reopen during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, here are some of University Moving and Storage's office movers’ tips on how to approach readying the office for a return to work.

  • Follow Social Distancing Guidelines - The new social distancing rules and recommendations are causing many businesses to reorganize and redesign their offices to accommodate the recommendations. For example, moving desks or office seating to accommodate for at least three to six feet of space in between means lots of furniture and equipment will no longer fit where they belong. This is where moving companies come into play. If your office has furniture and equipment that needs to be removed but not gotten rid of, hire office movers to move and store your belongings in safe and secure storage facilities at their company’s warehouse.
  • Hire Professional Movers - Hiring professional office movers saves you and your employees the strain and the hassle of moving your furniture. Full-service office movers can disassemble furniture and even cubicles before moving them. Attempting to move your belongings can risk unnecessary injury and strain to you and your employees if done incorrectly. Let the professionals handle the hard work.
  • The Perfect Time to Reorganize - Returning to the office for the first time in a while and knowing that lots of items will be removed, it is an ideal time to take advantage of the empty office and go through the items that are there. Especially if your office is planning to move and relocate during this time, go through the stock, furniture, and belongings and get rid of or store anything that the office does not need anymore. You wouldn’t want to pay to pack, haul, and move items that are no longer needed.

Once you return to work, these tips are here to help you prepare your office to reopen whether it is facing a new layout or is in a new location. These renovations and moving options along with office movers will help get your business back open and running in no time.


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