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Tips for Comparing Moving Companies

Tips for Comparing Moving Companies
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What to Look for When Hiring a Professional Mover

If you’re getting ready to move, comparison shopping for the right moving companies can be overwhelming. Who should you get a quote from? And how can you compare those quotes?
At University Moving and Storage, we want to help make this process easier for you, whether this is your first move, or you’ve moved dozens of times before. Our quotes are designed to be customized for your particular moving needs, and to itemize each service you choose so that you understand each individual cost. When you’re looking at quotes from other companies, here are some things to look for:


This can be easy to overlook, because most customers assume moving companies are appropriately licensed. However, this isn’t always the case, especially with smaller (and less reputable) companies. Always ask if your movers are licensed, bonded, and insured.


Beyond the moving team that will work with you, insurance is necessary for your move, and the moving companies you get quotes from should all help you understand what levels of coverage they can offer. For instance, full replacement coverage means that any item damaged or lost during a move will be replaced by the company at no cost to you. 

A Comprehensive Quote

Almost all movers begin their relationship with you by building a quote. What you’ll notice, as you collect quotes from various moving companies, is that the quotes differ in how detailed they are, and how detailed the cost analysis is. You should look for a company that can explain each cost applied to the quote, and how that cost might change due to weight, distance, or other factors in your move. You should be able to ask, up front, what costs are likely to increase, and receive a straight answer. A moving representative who assures you a cost that won’t change, or a cost that seems too good to be true, is likely setting you up for disappointment later. 

A Moving Plan

The most important thing you can do to help yourself as you gather quotes is to already have a plan in mind for the move you need to make. What timeline do you need the company to provide? What is your estimated budget? Approximately how many boxes or pieces of furniture do you need to move? What services (like packing or unpacking, using a storage unit temporarily or long term, etc) do you need included in your quote? The more you know, the better your moving plan will be .
When you work with University Moving and Storage, you’ll have the peace of mind of receiving a comprehensive quote, customized for you, and detailed information about costs and the timeline you can expect from us. We’re dedicated to providing top-notch customer service. Get started today and contact us to learn more.

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