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Moving Tips from Professional Movers: Reducing Clutter Before You Sell a Home and Move

Moving Tips from Professional Movers: Reducing Clutter Before You Sell a Home and Move
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Moving Tips from Professional Movers: Reducing Clutter Before You Sell a Home and Move

Preparing your household and your family for a move is a multi-step challenge. There are changes in lifestyle to anticipate, and the planning of changing your address, your utilities, your internet and cable, and more. Luckily, you can leave the stress and the day-of logistics to the professional movers at University Moving and Storage.

We offer comprehensive packing, moving, storage, and other services that can make any size or distance of move easier and smoother. We’ll work with you to design your custom move plan that takes into account your timeline and your budget. Partnering with the professional movers at University is the best way to take the stress out of your move.

Another major way to make your move easier is to declutter, organize, and condense your belongings. Here’s an easy way to decide what to get rid of:

Multiples Of Certain Items?

You have more than one of it. If you see multiples of a particular item as you sort through the rooms of your home, dedicate yourself to only keeping one. In the kitchen, getting rid of multiples of utensils or serving ware can help save on space, and you might be able to pare down clothing items in closets, décor items, and your linen closet the same way.

Haven't Used It Recently?

You haven’t used it in a year. Even if it’s a seasonal item or sports or summer fun equipment, if you haven’t used it in a year, that means you already missed one full season of using it. For items you use year-round, like kitchen items, books, movies, or décor, you might even choose a shorter timeframe—say, six months.

Overused It Or Outgrown It?

You’ve overused it or outgrown it. In both cases, you can be pretty sure you won’t see future use of the item, even if you’ve used it in the past year. An overused item can be discarded, while an outgrown item can be sold or donated. If you have a significant amount of outgrown items, like clothing, children’s care items, or children’s toys and clothes, you might consider a bulk donation to a homeless shelter or domestic violence shelter.

Now that you’ve got your guidelines in place, you can start to work your way through your home. The experienced professional movers at University recommend going one room at a time, so that you can focus your attentions on a specific space. Tackling individual spaces one at a time gives you a concrete goal, so you’ll also be able to see your achievement as you go through the house.

You can get the benefit of the wisdom of the professional movers at University Moving and Storage by partnering with us on your next move. To learn more about our moving services or start your free quote, call or email us today.

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