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Simple Tips To Improve Your Moving Experience |University Moving

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Tips To Improve The Moving Experience


Moving day is a major experience. Whether you have a family or it’s just you heading to a new place, the day could be filled with competing emotions. You may be sad about leaving your old home, but also excited about the potential to find even greater happiness in your new place. You may be exasperated by all the hard work that’s ahead of you, and you probably are looking forward to the moment when the last box has been moved and you finally get to rest.


Between the emotions and the hard work, moving day won’t be all fun. There are a lot of little things you can do, however, to add some enjoyment to the task and make the time go faster. If you’re moving as an individual, round up some friends to help out. If your family’s moving, get all hands involved. Making moving more enjoyable for everyone is easy if you follow these simple steps.


Give Yourself Enough Time

One of the most important tips for making moving easier is making sure you have enough time to do everything. When you plan ahead and allow plenty of time for organizing, packing and transporting your items, you’ll have a much easier time on moving day. Being unprepared and feeling rushed practically guarantees that moving day will be stressful and less than enjoyable.


Get the Kids Involved

Moving day can be stressful and boring for kids. You can help them through the long day by getting them involved in the moving process. You can make a game out of packing and loading boxes. You also can help your kids pass the time during moving day by giving each one a special job, such as watching your pets or keeping an eye out for any odds or ends that may otherwise get left behind.


Create a Moving Playlist

Music can add a fun element to any chore, so why not take the time to create a playlist for moving day? Loading up your music player with a ton of fun, “bouncy” songs will make the work go faster, keep everyone’s spirits up and keep the energy level high throughout the day. Any songs that will keep everyone focused on the adventure you’re about to undertake would be welcome additions to your moving day playlist.


Keep the Snacks Coming

Moving requires a lot of energy, and you and your crew may not have the time — or the utensils — for a complete meal. Instead, make sure you have plenty of snacks at the ready to keep everyone energized throughout the move. Set up a table with a few bowls of chips, a pizza or some cupcakes to help fend off hunger. Don’t forget to make sure that your snack table contains plenty of water and other beverages, too, especially if you’re moving during the summer.


Get Organized

Being organized is one of the best ways to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable moving day experience. Take the time to properly label your boxes — what’s going in which room? — and keep a list of everything. It’s also very helpful to pack one box with nothing but essential items that you’ll probably need as soon as you arrive at your new place. Think toothbrushes, toilet paper, eyeglasses, etc. That way, you won’t have to spend time rummaging through boxes for that one item you need immediately, and you can unpack everything else at your leisure. Another good tip for being organized is to use a smartphone app to keep track of everything you’ve packed and to maintain your schedule.


Keep Things Manageable 

You may think you’ll want to load as few boxes as possible onto the truck, but it’s probably a better idea to pack your belongings into a larger number of smaller boxes. Smaller boxes will be lighter and easier to carry, and you don’t want to be worn out and tired before you’re even halfway through your move. Lightening the load that you and your crew have to carry back and forth to the truck will mean more trips, but it also will mean those trips won’t be as hard on your muscles or your back.


Moving day is filled with feelings, and you want them to be as positive as possible. Follow these tips to ensure that your moving day experience will be fun and memorable for everyone.


Hiring a superior moving company with a lot of experience also will make a huge difference, so reach out to University Moving and Storage today.

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