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How the Housing Market Affects Moving and Storage

Date: 8/4/2021

How the Housing Market Affects Moving and Storage

Professional Movers’ Advice of How the Housing Market Affects Moving and Storage in Farmington Hills, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Whitestown, IN, & West Chester, OH

In 2020, there was a surge of business in the housing market. With a higher demand for home quickening the buying and selling on the market, there is a higher demand for moving and storage services at the same time.


Changes in the Housing Market

The sales of homes that have been owned previously is on the rise and is at its highest amount since 2006. This creates more interest in buying and selling homes. There is also a new low of sustained low interest rates and a big housing turnover happening. New advances in technology allow buyers to view potential homes with a mix of in-person and online tours of homes and video chats to connect with real estate professionals, all making buying homes an easier process.


The Housing Market and Moving Companies

Moving services are in high demand with many homes being bought and sold. Professional moving companies help smooth the transition of a move thanks to their full service or partial service solutions.

With the changes in the housing market affecting moving companies, there are many opportunities to search for your new home and see how movers can help you with your move.  Be sure to schedule estimates in advance of your upcoming move.  Due to high-demand many moving companies are experiencing a shortage of drivers and movers which is limiting availability.  Storage space is also in high demand due to the competitive housing market and the need for storage between selling and purchasing. Reach out to moving companies far ahead of time to make sure you can schedule your move with the company before their schedules fill up. In addition to planning ahead of your schedule, prepare for spikes in pricing due to demand, increased cost of packing materials and vehicle related shortages. 

Preparing ahead can set you and your family up for success. Look forward to finding your new home in no time with this information about the housing market and moving companies. There are new opportunities and professional movers who are ready to plan your next move.


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