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Commercial Moversí Tips On Moving Office Cubicles

Commercial Moversí Tips On Moving Office Cubicles
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Advice from Reliable Commercial Movers for Moving Office Cubicles

Moving your office cubicles, or even thinking about the task can be stressful when planning for your office’s upcoming move. Luckily, you can save you and your employees the trouble if you look into hiring commercial movers, like University Moving and Storage, to disassemble your office cubicles for you. But, if you are unable to hire a commercial moving companies or you just want to know what the process is, here is how to safely and efficiently move an office cubicle.


How to Disassemble a Cubicle

Disassembling cubicles requires a few tools such as a rubber mallet, ladder, wrench, and a flat-head screwdriver. Your employees will need to work in pairs and have plenty of time to carefully take the cubicles apart. Do not rush, rushing can increase the risk of injury or damage.

  1. Remove all items and belongings from the cubicle space.
  2. Unplug and remove all cords.
  3. Remove the attached desks and shelving. Have one employee hold the desk while the second goes underneath the desk to unscrew it from the panel.
  4. Outer panels are removed by their springs, latches, and screws. Have one employee always holding onto and stabilizing the outer panel.
  5. If there is a connector rail, remove it. If it is bolted down, loosen it with a wrench to remove. If it is not bolted down, use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the panels. If a panel is stuck, gently use a rubber mallet to dislodge.

With these key steps, you and your employees will know how to safely disassemble your office cubicles. Organization is key, so make sure plenty of hours are set aside to take down the cubicles if you have many in your office. If you have commercial movers who will take them down for you, make sure all cubicles are cleared and empty before the movers arrive.

Hiring professional commercial movers to take down your office cubicles will save you and your employees time when you prepare for the move. For example, your company might still be running and have daily work to handle while the move is ongoing. Be aware of what is on your employees' plates and plan for your move.


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