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Top Moving Companies' Tips on House Hunting While Social Distancing

Date: 7/28/2020

Top Moving Companies’ Tips on House Hunting While Social Distancing

Moving Companies Provide Advice for House Hunting While Still Social Distancing

This year has developed a different house hunting strategy from what we traditionally know. We know that moves cannot be stopped, but how are you supposed to continue house hunting when stay-at-home orders and social distancing is the new norm? It’s been a challenge that moving companies such as University Moving and Storage and realtors have come to accept. Here is our advice on how to navigate this new style of house hunting.

Strange circumstances call for creative answers. Here are some recommendations from moving companies—such as industry-leading University Moving and Storage—on how to search for your new home while social distancing.

During these times, it is still possible to view a home, but the traditional on-site viewing might not be an option. But, with these creative efforts, you still might be able to find your new home today and then, begin your search for moving companies next!


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