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Realtor Spotlight: Hulya Erol-Garvett

Date: 5/20/2019


Every month, University Moving and Storage features an extremely talented realtor that we believe is an industry leader. These spotlighted realtors provide both exceptional service and expertise to families and businesses in the Oakland county area. This month, University Moving and Storage is featuring the talented Hulya Erol-Garvett of Keller Williams Home and The Hulya Group. Hulya was asked to tell us what makes her a leader among other realtors in Michigan.


How long have you been in the real estate industry?

17 years                   


What made you decide to become a realtor?

It was a family business 

What differentiates you from other realtors?

That’s easy, for most other agents, it’s just a job. For me it is an academic pursuit. I work harder and smarter than any Realtor I know to achieve everything my customer wants. I know the neighborhoods, schools, ethnicity, cultural nuances value, investment quality and I listen carefully to what my clients want and need. My academic background in finance and business (I have an MBA) gives me a unique advantage when I negotiate for my clients whether they are buying or selling and when establishing or determining value.


What piece of advice would you give someone looking to buy a new house?

Call Hulya..It’s the smartest decision you can ever make

What is your favorite thing to do in Walled Lake?

I love studying the Oakland County Lakes it is one of my unique skills as a Realtor. I drive around in my spare time studying them and learning about their limnology. The differences between freshwater lakes are enormous and can have profound effects on their water quality and even much more likely to have picked up pollutants and chemicals and I want my customers to know and understand those types of things before they buy.



Hulya Erol-Garvett

Keller Williams Home

The Hulya Group

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